It’s amazing sometimes what can evolve from a conversation between myself and friend Matt, trying to find the perfect venue to host Leicestershire returning to the M2tM franchise after a five year sabbatical. Having built a nice following around his Firebug venue by between us holding some quality metal gigs it was obvious the heats would be there but anticipated attendees for the final meant we needed somewhere bigger! Not one to shy away from a challenge when the offer of using the iconic DeMontfort Hall came about we seized it, of course with a capacity in excess of 2,000 we needed to build something a bit special..

There’s a whole ethos around the event and that’s apparent in its name.

And so Uprising was born, in a perfect venue to put Midlands Metal back on the map and entice some big names to play a stage still on their personal “bucket list”.
With five months an incredibly small team and immense enthusiasm we managed to pull of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

There’s a whole ethos around the event and that’s apparent in its name, not only giving new acts a chance to shine on a world tour quality stage and in this case for two of those to go on to play Bloodstock¬†Festival but also to give upcoming press and photographers who might get turned down at the big festivals a chance to build their portfolio, and for fans to spend a day at a quality venue not normally associated with the rock/metal scene.
20 bands three stages great food great company , that was the plan it came together!

Join the Uprising!